ERA-MIN presents its Call Dashboard for funded projects


As part of the WP7 and as first step of Task 7.2 Mapping of RM research community, we are please to publish the first release of the ERA-MIN Project Dashboard.

It contains all projects funded under ERA-MIN and ERA-MIN 2, corresponding to the six calls of 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019. The projects have been mapped based on the ERA-MIN Research Agenda categories, expanding the 4th category to cover broader aspects introduced in later calls, establishing the following 4 categories:

• Primary resources supply;
• Secondary resources supply (Recycling);
• Substitution of critical materials;
• Others (Design, public policy and circularity).

Additionally, you may navigate the projects on the basis of the geographical distribution of the partners and coordinators, as well as based on the keywords marked by the applicants.

Please feel free to navigate the dashboard and feedback and suggestions are welcome. You may also find a detailed list of all funded projects as part of Deliverable 7.2.

New updates with projects from new ERA-MIN calls soon to come!

D7.2 List of funded projects in ERA-MIN and ERA-MIN2